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You can get information about upcoming events and other activities by following our different communication channels. The most important channel is email list which gives you all the common messages. Other communication channels are this website, Facebook page of Helix, our Facebook group, official Telegram group Rotankolo, and gossip at the club room. It’s also not a bad idea to follow Helix on Instagram by name helix_ry!

Email list

Email list is an email address which automatically redirects emails sent to the address to all the people on the email list. With the list you can keep up to date about Helix’ activities and you can also send emails to the list, and automatically everyone on it, by yourself. The list is meant for bulletins, so please don’t misuse it. Personal bulletins about buying or selling things are strictly prohibited without special permission of the list’s admin. Advertisements of political events aren’t allowed either. Recurring misuse of the list can lead to deleting your address from the list.

helix-list(at) (for all members of Helix)

helix-virk(at) (for functionaries of Helix)

helix-hal(at) (for members of the Helix board)

Joining the email list

Follow these instructions to join email lists: Send an email with no title to address majordomo(at) with these messages:

subscribe helix-list your.own@add.ress … if you want to join the list

unsubscribe helix-list your.own@add.ress … if you want to leave the list

Joining the lists for functionaries and members of board happens if/when you get a position in the board or as a functionary.