Photographing club Biofilm

Biofilm is a Viikki campus’ photographing club founded by Helix in 2020. Purpose of the club is to bring together photographing (and cinematographing students) in Viikki. Biofilm organises a wide variety of activities related to photography, such as photowalks, excursions and workshops.

So far Biofilm has organised photowalks to nature of Vuosaari, urban life of Sörnäinen and Kallio and maritime landscapes of Vallisaari. Despite the struggles brought by pandemic, we have also been able to a workshop on basics of image editing.

Acitivity of Biofilm is centred in Viikki campus but it’s open for all the students from all the campuses. Joining the activity is completely free and is suitable for every enthusiast from beginner to expert. You get more information and latest updates by joining the Biofilm Facebook group which can be found by name “Valokuvausklubi Biofilmi | Photographing club Biofilm”. There’s also a link to join the Biofilm Whatsapp group. You can always contact Helix’ Biofilm coordinators, all of which are also in the Association board 2021!

Welcome to Biofilm!

Logo by Saku Mattila