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You can contact parity coordinators of Helix with this  equality and harrassement feedback form.

Helix ry follows its faculty organisation Biosfääri’s principles of safer place:


Treat everyone in a way that you would like yourself to be treated
Regard everyone, give floor to people wanting to speak and speak in a way that everyone understands. Listen and respect everyone.

Do not presume things about others
Don’t make unnecessary assumptions about other’s identity, gender, sexual orientation, or other qualities. Every one’s life situation and experiences are different.

Be open-minded and listen
Aspire to be open and without prejudices, as everyone is different.

There’s no room for any kind of intolerance, violence, or discrimination in Biosfääri
Intolerance, violence, and discrimination are not tolerated in any situation!

Respect everyone’s own space
No means no. Everyone has the right to not be touched. Do not harass anyone verbally or physically. Try to be aware and interpretative in all kinds of situations, so no one would feel uncomfortable.

If you see a person not feeling well
Ask if everything’s okay. Do not leave them alone, and help take care of them or ensure someone else will be taking care of them. Remember always to ask help from the organisers. Consider that feeling unwell isn’t always caused by intoxication, and could be a bout of illness. In the most severe cases, call the emergency number (112).

If you experience or see harassment
Tell the organisers immediately, so they can intervene to it as soon as possible.

If you need help, ask for help
You can and should ask for help in any kind of troubling situation. Organisers will always help.