Official values of Helix ry

Updated in the Association’s annual meeting in February 2021.
Values guide all the activity and decision making of Helix.

1. Equality
• Helix ry advocates equality between genders, and independent of societal status. The Association strongly opposes racism and discrimination of sexual and other minorities.

2. Nature preservation, sustainable development and combating climate change
• Helix ry advocates nature preservation, sustainability and combating climate change. The Association takes these matters into account in its own activity too as stated in the Environmental Programme of Helix ry.

3. Science and facts first
• In the activity, statements and publications of Helix ry, science and facts are primary. Misinformation and conspiracy theories have no place in the Association.

4. Honesty, responsibility and transparency
• Honesty, responsibility and transparency are cornerstones for the actions of both the Board and other functionaries of Helix ry.

NB: The values are not in the order of priority. Each part is as meaningful as the others.