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Climbing club Sekvenssi

Would you like to try climbing, but you don’t have a belay partner? Would you like to go outdoor climbing, but don’t have your own gear? Helix’s new climbing club Sekvenssi can help in both situations!

Sekvenssi was founded in February 2022 on the initiative of Helix’s sports coordinators, with the goal of bringing together all climbing and climbing-interested helicans, because everything is always more fun with a group! In Sekvenssi, we boulder and rope climb, so there are always friends to climb with.

Bouldering usually involves climbing walls, rocks or cliffs under 5 meters without any safety equipment, while in rope climbing, higher walls and cliffs are climbed while the climber is attached to the rope and the belayer secures the climber with a belay device below. In top rope climbing, the rope goes through the climber’s harness from above, and a possible fall practically happens on a tight rope. In lead climbing, the rope is tied to the climber and is secured in intermediate anchors (bolts) as the climber progresses along the route, so the fall distance depends on the location of the previous bolt. In Finland, a belay card is required for top rope and lead climbing indoors, which can be obtained at a climbing gym. However, it is also possible to try rope climbing with self-belay devices or with a friend who has a belay card. No prior knowledge or skills are required for bouldering, just bring flexible clothing to the gym.

Everyone is welcome to join Sekvenssi regardless of previous experience, so don’t worry if you want to try climbing for the first time – climbers are good at cheering on no matter what the grade is. Sekvenssi operates through Facebook and WhatsApp groups, so joining in doesn’t require much. So search for the group “Helix ry:n kiipeilykerho Sekvenssi” on Facebook or ask more from the board or sports coordinators and join us!