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Etusivu » News » Viikki Kilometre Competition 22.3.-11.4. 🏃

Viikki Kilometre Competition 22.3.-11.4. 🏃


Helix ry takes part in the kilometer competition of Lipidi ry. The kilometers can be collected by walking, running, bicycling or even by riding. Everyone who collects over 30 kilometers gets a badge and the student associations that reach TOP3 get a special badge. Remember to report your kilometers and proof (for example screenshot of health app or a photo of exercise bike) with the e-form in bio. Register the kilometers as soon as you can 🤪

Tournament format:

22.3.-28.3. Week 1 Initial series
29.3.-4.4. Week 2 Semifinal and collecting round
5.4.-11.4. Week 3 Final and bronze match

The best four teams from first week continue to week 2 and semifinals. The first team competes against the fourth team and the second against the third. The teams 5-8 still continue with the competition and the best of those four gets to participate in the bronze match. On the week 3 the winners of semifinals face each other in finals and in bronze match the losers of semifinals. The third is the winner of the collecting round.


Report your kilometres with the following e-form!