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Vapaa Radikaali (VR) is the official organization magazine of Helix, which is published four times a year. Active members of Helix participate in the making of VR by ideating, executing, illustrating and laying out the magazine under the guidance of the editor-in-chief.

The magazine was redesigned in 2021 with a colorful artistic and visually pleasing appearance. VR aims to have a more opinionated content and provide readers with a variety of different analyses, reports and articles. The content ranges from excursion reports and party recaps to science-based articles and clever criticism.

VR has a long history. Until 1995, the magazine was still called Katalyytti, which was first published in 1971. In the early days, Katalyytti was not called a magazine, but rather a newsletter that fulfilled the tasks of today’s websites, social media and email lists.

VR collects a “Banter at Helix” (Sanottua) article for each issue, which compiles witty comments and other “wise” remarks heard in the hustle and bustle of student life. You can send what you have heard to the editorial staff through this link!

The number of copies has been reduced to a minimum in recent years for environmental reasons. The print runs are sufficient for the editorial staff, Kertsi, to be scattered around campus and sent to our friend organizations and partners. Unfortunately, there are not enough copies for everyone, but you can get an authentic and certified VR experience by reading a fresh copy of the magazine at Viikki Kertsi with a cup of coffee around noon! Older issues can also be found in the Kertsi and can always be revisited. Issues can also be viewed in the Drive archive, and the issues from 2017-2022 and the first issue of 2023 can also be found on Issuu.

Many people are involved in making the magazine, and the team often changes from one issue to another. Participation can be as simple as drawing a picture, writing a couple of articles, or laying out the magazine. Before each issue, at least one brainstorming and planning meeting is held at Kertsi and/or online, where the next issue’s articles are discussed, and new ideas are incubated. The meetings are open to all, and everyone is welcome!

If you’re interested, you can certainly get more information about the magazine’s production from VR’s editor-in-chief, and you can join in on the action (check the officer list for their name and find out their email)! At the latest, you can officially join the editorial staff at the election meeting if you feel like participating!

Ps. In 2007, Vapaa Radikaali won HYY’s organization magazine competition! In 2021, our goal was to win the competition again, but unfortunately, the competition was not held. Despite the competitions, making the magazine is a rewarding and educational activity, so welcome aboard!