Spring 2015

Write a research grant application for a private Regeneration Biology Foundation.

Content of the application should include:

Applicant name, student number, e-mail


Background: Describe a topic in regeneration biology that INTERESTS you. Describe regeneration/developmental biology/cell biology/physiology/neurobiology/evobio aspects behind the topic. EXPLAIN ALL TERMINOLOGY that you use (board members of the Regeneration Biology Foundation are not experts). In your case this is the broadest part of the application. Go into DETAILS as much as you can; don't write lengthy stories from basic textbooks.

Hypothesis: After writing the background, formulate a concise and novel hypothesis that you want to solve (not directly from publications). Use COURAGE, CREATIVITY and OPEN-MINDEDNESS as well as THE FACTS THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED ON THE COURSE.

Aim(s) of the study: Concise description. Can be pure basic science. You don't have to aim to cure a disease.

Project description (methodology): Explain the methods to be used in your project (based on the lecture course). I hope to see that you understand principles of the methods taught in the course (if some details go wrong, I don't charge them).

Ethical aspects of your research proposal

Milestones: Expected scientific (basic science/translative/clinical) impact of your research proposal.

Other instructions:

  • whole applications 3-5 pages
  • Don't worry about financial issues, just science
  • No references