Membrane biochemistry


  1. Aquaporins. Structure and function.
  2. The distribution of lipids in the plasma membrane.
  3. The tyrosine kinases.
  4. A partial amino acid sequence of a protein is the following -asp-ser-cys-asn-ser-lys-asn-trp-ser-gly-val-leu-ile-gly-ala-ala-met-leu-val-trp-met-ala-ala-ile-phe-leu-ala-ile-leu-ala-his-arg-arg-lys-leu-lys-ser-ala… What can you deduce from this?


  1. Isolation of organelles and membranes. Methods and assays of purity.
  2. Integrins. Structure and activation.
  3. Location of plasma membrane lipids.


  1. Lipid rafts. What are they and why may they be important.
  2. Mechanism of action of detergents in membrane research. Which detergents are most important and how do they work. Applications.
  3. How are cell membranes isolated and characterized.


  1. The distribution of lipids in the plasma cell membrane.
  2. The selectins.
  3. Integral and peripheral membrane proteins. Similarities and differences.