From genomes to gene function


  1. You will find a sequence in the T drive in folder FGGF. Find out what gene it is and what it does. What ontology terms are attached with it, any sicknesses or other phenotypes connected. (4p.) You have 45 minutes to answer this question. Please, e-mail the answer to … Once you have completed this question, shut down the computer and you will receive the rest of the questions.
  2. You want to start earning big money by cultivating bananas in northern Finland, where the environmental conditions are perhaps not best possible (cold, wandering reindeer herds in the banana plantation etc). However, you have successfully cloned an extremely interesting gene (EIGI) from banana and your hope lies in the possible banana-improving effect of EIGI. What kind of plants would you engineer in order to find out the contribution of EIGI to the stress tolerance of banana? Explain briefly the principles behind the methods used. (3p)
  3. Explain briefly. (á 1p)
    • Innate immunity in plants
    • Clustering of microarray data
    • Principle of particle bombardment
    • Abscisic acid