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Exposed Animal 4.5.2018

1) Key word fuss (max 20p)

Write a truthful statement composed of 2-3 sentences, in which you use all the 5 grouped keywords, and in any roder you wish. The statement should be as informative as possible. You can inflect the keywords or make compounds of them. All together 10 statements.

1) seal / mercury / selenium / lake / humus

2) P450 / liver / isoenzyme / mono-oxygenase / membrane

3) cell membrane / GABA receptors / membrane protein / convulsant / 2,4-dinitrophenol

4) TEQ / equivalent / WHO / 2,3,7,8-TCDD / TEF

5) vitamin A / kidneys / PCB / transthyretin / retinol binding protein, RBP

6) reproduction / signaling / xenoestrogens / polyhalogenated compounds / immune system

7) bile / urine / lung / elimination / size

8) food web / bioaccumulation / fat content / trophic level / Kow

9) development / growth / exposure / asymmetry / bilateral animals

10) electromagnetic / wave lenght / ionizing / biomolecules / water

2) Write an essay with the title A or B! (max 20p)

Maximum word count 260 words ONLY! Do not exceed this lenght since only the first 260 words will be read when giving the grades. AT first, think what is essential to tell, and then write that down without details.

A) Biotransformation of organic and inorganic toxic substances in animal body

B) Describe which kind of structural damage you could detect in animal cells, tissues, organs and bodies after exposure to toxic compounds

IN ADDITION, IF YOU HAVE TIME, YOU COULD TRY TO SOLVE THE BONUS PROBLEMS GIVING YOU EXTRA POINTS (36 points, i.e. 90% of 40 points already gives you the rank of 5/5 but the maximum you could get is 40+2+2=44 points)

SPRING BONUS A (max 2p):

Combine the points in the figure below and add double bonds and some chlorine and oxygen atoms in a way that as a result the figure represents the most toxic coplanar dioxin, TCDD (2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin). NOTE, that two of the points should not be used; they are pure scam.


Below you can find a curve describing the concentration of a toxic compound in urine of a mammal as a function of time. Try to interpret the route of exposure and classify the toxic compound based on its elimination pattern.

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1. Muodosta annetuista sanoista 2-3 virkkeen toksikologisia väitteitä. a) Nukutusaine, GABA, solukalvo, hyperpolarisaatio, narkoosi b)WHO, TCDD, TEF, TEQ, ekvivalentti c) PCB, munuaiset, A-vitamiini, RBP, transtyrretiini d)Ravintoverkko, trofiatao, rasvapitoisuus, Kow, bioakkumalaatio

2. oikein/väriin väittämiä

3. Essee (260 sanaa) joko a. Epäorgaanisten ja orgaanisten aineiden biotransformaatiot b. Mille haitallisille aineille olet altistunut elämäsi aikana ja miten ne voivat vaikuttaa.