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Helix ry’s shirts and woven bags

Helix ry has college shirts, t-shirts, and woven bags for sale. Shirts are unisex ‘Klaimet collection, which are made  100% out of recycled materials. New woven bags are also made of recycled materials. There’s also available a version of the college-shirt with an error in the printed logo (see image below) with a -50% discount. Shirts are otherwise similar. Shitrs’ size chart can be found in the order form.

T-shirts and woven bags have an image made by Tuomas Pirinen for Helix in the 90s. There’re two versions of the woven bag. Older version is thinner and non-recycled material, and the print is also lower gquality. New version is made of stronger and recycled materials, and the print is high quality.

College shirt – 40€ (with an error in the print 20€)
T-shirt – 22€
New woven bag – 12€
Old woven bag – 8€

A postage fee will be added to orders that are delivered via mail. The fee is 4€ for one shirt or bag, 6€ for bigger orders up to 2 kg, and 8€ for orders that are over 2 kg.

You can open the order form from the button below!