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Etusivu » News » Pre-order of Helix ry’s college- and t-shirts!

Pre-order of Helix ry’s college- and t-shirts!

Hello! Helix ry is ordering shirts with prints from Kloffa Clothing company which makes all its products from 100% recycled materials. For example, the ‘Klaimet model college shirt saves 5000 liters of water and 7,7 kg of CO2 emissions!

Above is an image to illustrate what the shirts will look like. On the front of the college shirt, there’s Helix logo. T-shirt is printed with an illustration made by Tuomas Pirinen, former member of Helix, who drew the picture for Helix in the 90s. We are also ordering more fabric bags with the same print as in 2019, but this time made with thicker and more durable recycled cotton! In the case of the shirts, we are making a pre-order questionnaire. You can make the pre-order with the linked e-form and make sure that you will get your shirts. We are not ordering a lot of extra ones, so filling the form is worth it! Link to the e-form: The form will close on Friday 25.2. at 08:00 AM. After the form is closed, no more pre-orders will be accepted. Prices of the shirts depend on the amount ordered, but here’s estimates of the prices:College shirt: ≈40€T-shirt: 20–25€ At Helix clubroom (Biocenter 1 bottom floor), there’re fitting sizes in a cardboard box next to the fridge, those are free to try at any time! Best,Board of Helix ry