Photography Club Biofilm’s excursion 19.9. 📸

Hey Viikki!

Helix ry’s photographing club Biofilm is organizing a photowalk to Vuosaari on Saturday 19.9. All students are welcome from all fields and academical ages! Everyone who’s interested in our club can also join Biofilm’s Facebook group which can be found by name ”Kuvausklubi Biofilmi | Photographing club Biofilm”.

Photowalk will be roughly divided into two parts: We will meet at the parking spot for Mustavuori fortifications (Mustavuoren linnoitusalueen parkkipaikka) 13:30 o’clock. Closest bus stop is Fallpakka which can be reached at least by bus 560 (departures from Vuosaari metro station). From the parking spot we will walk through Mustavuori Nature Preserve area to old Vuosaari limestone quarry from which we will continue to Vuosaarenhuippu. This route is about 3-4 kilometers long.

We’ll have a small break at the Vuosaari harbour’s ABC station where you can use the bathroom or buy some food. We won’t stay inside the station for a long time.

Next we will take the bus 90 from Hansaterminaali to Aurinkotuulenkatu. Please note that it’s recommended to use face masks when using public transport. We’ll continue on foot to Särkkäniemi Nature Preserve area (2 x ≈2 km there and back + all the walking in the preserve area). If participants are still interested or not too tired after this we can continue to Kalvikinniemi Nature Preserve area. These Preserve areas aren’t easily reached by public transport and visiting Kalvikinniemi will result in 5 extra kilometers (in total).

If you like, you can also participate only on one part of the trip or you can come along in the middle of our photowalk. Please inform Timo Pihlajamäki or Saku Mattila (firstname.surname(at) if you leave in the middle our trip, if you come along later or if you’re late.

Participants are asked to register themselves to the trip by the e-form in the end of this message. Registration is not binding and it’s not necessary for participation, but please inform us about possible cancellations. We will not wait for you if you’re not registered.

So we will meet 19.9, if the weather isn’t utterly horrible! Possible cancellation is informed in the Facebook groups of associations belonging to Biosfääri and Biofilm (and also by email to the addresses stated in the registration form).

Looking forward

Timo & Saku

Link to the registration e-form