Lab coat and overall try-ons <3

Hello everyone, especially freshmens and exchange students! Next week we’ll be arranging overall and labcoat try-ons for molecular bioscience fleshmens and exchange students. If you’re interested in a lab coat or the black overalls used by moles (molecular bioscience students), make sure to swing by on at least one of these days:


Monday 31.8, 12-14

Wednesday 2.9, 10-14

Thursday 3.9, 12-14

Friday 4.9, 12-14


The overall fittings will be held in Bio3 clubroom or in the area near it by Ilari Pirttilä, who’ll also take your orders. The labcoat fittings will be held in Bio1 clubroom. The labcoats can be ordered by filling this form: You can edit the form untill 13.9 23:59. We’ll also sell some overall patches and pocket flasks (small booze containers) in the Bio1 clubroom 


If none of the fitting times work for you, send message to Ilari (0401780656) to arrange a separate time.


The coats cost 20€ for Helix ry members and 25€ for non-members. You can join Helix ry here: Joining is free and will give you all member benefits. The overalls cost something between 20-40€, depending on how many sponsors we get. Payment instructions in both cases will be given to you later on 


Remember before fitting:


Due to the ongoing pandemic only few people can be in the clubrooms at the same time. So if it seems like you can’t maintain a safe distance while being in the room, stay outside and wait for other people to come out first. Also remember good hand hygiene!


Please also remember that the orders are binding. Remember to check that the information on your order is correct, we cannot guarantee a return for wrong information!! You can cancel and edit the labcoat order until 13.9 23:59, but the overall order can only be edited or cancelled via Ilari.


Welcome! And happy autumn,


Maria Saario,

Helix ry